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Our server ran into some issues today - first of all our database glitched and all character data was removed. Luckily we are doing backups so there isn't much loss regarding to that, everything was restored and should be working like normal.

The second issue is more out of our reach, our licensing host is not available and we cannot start the server unless the provider gets their system running back. For that reason we cannot give a time frame for when we'll be back up and running. As soon as they are back live we'll get the server running and send announcements here and on discord.

Thank you for your patience.


Server will be offline during this time.
This is a routine maintenance for clean-up and server optimization. No updates will be included.

DATE: 07/05/22

18:00 (EET/Romania)

Estimated downtime and status can be seen live at:


You must manually download "Patch Update 3" and extract it in your client folder. Else you will get an error when trying to access NPC Map.


⧫ Soul Master / Magic Gladiator /Summoner
Attack Speed FIXED

⧫ Soul Master
Teleport Attack FIXED

⧫ Elf Buff (Damage/Defense)
Values Raised FIXED

⧫ Dark Lord
(Strenght/Energy) Build Damage PVP/PVE FIXED

⧫ Rage Fighter
Dark Side Skill attack without target FIXED

⧫ Castle Siege
Move to lorencia (BUG) FIXED
Respawn for Defender Guild FIXED
Added new Map for Party Create/Buff Zone (Without breaking party when moving to Loren Deep)
New Map has 2 gates, 1 moving to Loren Deep Left Side, 1 moving to Loren Deep Right Side

⧫ Buffs Icons
Added Specific Mini Icon Buff (Available also in Party mode)

⧫ Medusa BOSS
Attack Speed / Damage FIXED

⧫ Personal Store/Off Store
Disabled for all maps except Loren Market

⧫ Npc Map
Moved all Custom NPC for Quallity of Life (Change Class NPC/Reset NPC/Gaion NPC/Doppelganger NPC)

⧫ Lorencia/Noria/Elbeland
Modified Minimum Level/Zen Requirment (You can move from Level 1, 0 Zen Requirment)

If you find any bugs or issues with this update please report them to our support at WWW.IGEGC.SUPPORT

Server will be offline during this time.
Changelogs will be posted with all details for this update.

DATE: 24/03/22

18:00 (EET/Romania)

Estimated down time can be seen at:


⧫ Complete website theme redesign
Some things might not work or display properly, please report them on live chat.

⧫ Added Change Password Feature
Available in "User Panel"

⧫ Added Change E-mail Feature
Available in "User Panel"

⧫ Registration now requires E-mail activation
Now you have 24 hours to activate your account

⧫ Added Guild Score System
The score is based on total statistics gathered from all guild members

⧫ Added Custom Castle Siege Page
It's about 90% ready, to be completed in the next few days

⧫ Updated Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Please read them carefully - links at the bottom of the page

If you find any bugs or issues with this update please report them to our support at WWW.IGEGC.SUPPORT
An archive for the past announcements & news will be posted soon.