Server Time: Aug 25, 2020
Your Time: Aug 24, 2020


General Settings:

Event Entry Limit - Blood Castle, Devil Square and Illusion Temple now have a maximum limit of 4 entries per day (limit resets at 00:00)
Dynamic XP System - Added Dynamic XP System (from 10 resets 1% of XP Rate decreases to 60 rr where XP Rate stabilizes at 50%)
XP Rate - rebalanced XP between small and large maps in proportion and added an XP Bonus
Special Jewels - increased chances of success
Quest Level 3 - Added Quest 3, now can be done from NPC Devin (Crywolf)
Excellent Options - rebalanced the rate of excellent options in items
Weapon Skill - rebalanced skill rate on weapons
Wings - Corrected Increase and Absorb Damage to Wings
Attribute Points - maximum limit of points that can be added to an attribute is 32,000 (Strenght, Agility, Vitality, Energy, Command) / In the next update we will return points to those who have put in more than 32k
Gens System - Changed so that different Gens Family members can no longer party or join the same guild
Dinorant Mix - Dinorant creation mix has been fixed (10 uniria with durability of 255 are needed)
Golden Chest - increased rate on Special Jewels drop
Golden Invasion - corrected the Goldeni invasion (now Golden Crust and Golden Stone Golem appear)

Quality of life Settings:

Events Text - corrected event messages (Blood Castle , Devil Square, Chaos Castle and Balgass)
Character Death Message - removed message when a character is killed
Symbol of Kundun - fixed tooltip
Silver & Golden Box - changed tooltip and tag from 'Box' to 'Chest' (so that the [Box] tag no longer collects Silver & Golden Box) / to collect Silver and Golden Box use the [Chest] tag
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