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⧫ Complete website theme redesign
Some things might not work or display properly, please report them on live chat.

⧫ Added Change Password Feature
Available in "User Panel"

⧫ Added Change E-mail Feature
Available in "User Panel"

⧫ Registration now requires E-mail activation
Now you have 24 hours to activate your account

⧫ Added Guild Score System
The score is based on total statistics gathered from all guild members

⧫ Added Custom Castle Siege Page
It's about 90% ready, to be completed in the next few days

⧫ Updated Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Please read them carefully - links at the bottom of the page

If you find any bugs or issues with this update please report them to our support at WWW.IGEGC.SUPPORT
An archive for the past announcements & news will be posted soon.